Our Confidentiality Procedures and Practices

We often represent high-profile clients in extremely confidential matters.  Toward this end, we have made maintaining client confidences a top priority.  Here are some of the additional confidential measures that we take:

In Our Office

We designed our office to promote client confidentiality in the following ways:

With Our Staff

We have long-term staff whom we have carefully trained about client confidentiality, procedures, and practices.  Staff know that they are never to even mention a client’s name outside of our office.  They also know not to discuss client names or matters whenever other clients are in the office.

Our staff work behind a partitioned wall, so that delivery and other visitors cannot see the matters that they may be working on at any moment.

In Social Settings

If you are our client and we see you at a social function, we will intentionally never give any indication that we know you because of our attorney-client relationship.  We do not want to inadvertently cause anyone to think that we have a professional relationship, and thus suspect that we may be representing you in a legal matter.

In Managing Our Work

We implement best practices in office and document security.  We employ an IT firm to maintain our office technology to the highest standards of security.  While no security system can ever be 100% secure, we focus on deploying all reasonable measures to protect the confidentiality of all client information and preserve the attorney-client privilege.