We Work to Develop Advantageous Solutions for our Clients in Custody and Placement Time Matters

If you are a parent going through a divorce or breakup of a relationship, we know that one of your primary concerns will be how custody and placement time issues for your children will be resolved.  We understand your concern.

contactWe are dedicated to advancing the custody and placement time objectives of clients.  We are also dedicated to minimizing the involvement of children in divorce proceedings.

With decades of experience representing clients in dozens of divorces, we are often able to rely upon creative past solutions that have worked to break an impasse in negotiations for custody and placement time arrangements.  We know that in almost all circumstances, divorcing spouses will usually be better off crafting their own solutions based upon their preferences, work schedules, and other life aspects rather than leaving the outcome to a judge, who will be less familiar with these aspects and who will not have to live with the custody and placement arrangements that may otherwise be ordered.  As a result, we work hard in seeking to develop favorable arrangements for our clients.

In some cases, despite all efforts, a negotiated solution for our clients may not be possible.  If this is the case for your matter, we will litigate diligently in court and seek to achieve for you the custody and placement time solution that you want.