Milwaukee Divorce Lawyers for Complex Cases Involving Significant Assets

We represent clients in all aspects of a divorce, including property division, custody and placement time, child support, and spousal maintenance.   We also represent clients terminating long-term non-marital relationships where assets need to be divided and custody and placement rights need to be determined.

Our Divorce Practice

Christopher 0H8A0051Much of our divorce practice is focused on representing high net-worth clients in financially-complex cases and cases likely to be heavily litigated.  Issues frequently at issue in these cases involve:

See Property Division and Tax Matters

Working Diligently to Develop Global Divorce Solutions for Clients

At the outset of a divorce, it’s important for both spouses to understand that all matters – property division, child custody, and potentially spousal support – will be resolved.  It is up to the parties as to whether these matters will be resolved by agreement or by a judge.

We have helped many clients in divorce cases involving significant assets and highly contested matters (including child custody) reach acceptable resolutions outside of court in cases where such resolutions were viewed as being impossible.  With a comprehensive understanding of tax laws, business valuation, and Wisconsin divorce law, we work diligently to work through the complex financial and other issues that are often involved in a high net worth divorce, and seek to narrow the issues to the extent possible.  We are then often able to craft creative solutions to get to resolution.

If an agreement acceptable to our client cannot be reached, we are well-prepared for trial, and will seek a full victory for our client.

If you need experienced divorce legal counsel, please call our firm.  We can meet with you at a time that is convenient with your schedule to discuss your situation.